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ST has total flexibility and adapts to the needs of your facilities: people and vehicle control, trailers and containers, virtual doors, video surveillance and intercom calls, application portals…

All types of users

Manage your own staff, visitors, external workers and any other user profile you need, defining the system’s behaviour for each one of them.

ST allows you to work with people, cars, motorcycles, trucks… and dozens of customized vehicle types.

Create access permissions that fit you

Organize access authorizations globally for each User type or customize them for specific People and Vehicles.

Grant permissions by Doors, Zones and Schedules, set a particular start date and an end date, etc.

Establish multiple relations

Group People and Vehicles in the same enrollment and link them to Companies with total freedom.

Arrange several enrollments for a single user simultaneously, establishing different access permissions for each one of them.

Manage Access Requirements in a unique way

Set up the Enrollment’s Requirements and manage the delivery of documentation and its validation, associating the requirement state to the access permissions.

All kinds of access points

Use ST for the total control of pedestrian access points, vehicles barriers or gates and the use of assets, cabinets or machinery, including one-way or bidirectional doors.

Create virtual Doors for a specific or temporary use whenever you need them.

Control what you want, from wherever you want

ST applications have been designed for the ease of use and mobility, and can be operated from a control center, a control stand or a moving workstation in your own vehicle.

Rely on facial and environment cameras along with an intercom service for the control of all your access points.

Much more than access control

Monitor and register open door and forced door alarms all over your facilities.

Automatically obtain information about the users’ current location and the duration of their stays in certain Zones or schedule automatized door openings and closures.

Establish your own control level

5 door operation modes for the recognition of People, Vehicles or both, with up to 3 types of control in Automatic Mode.