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ST grows with you.
Quickly extend your limits with maximum performance.

Expand your system with ease

Make your system grow with no limitations: ST’s architecture assures the increase in the number of Doors, Zones, Users and Operators.

Don’t stop growing, ever: in SmartTraffic we are currently working to allow for the worldwide control of your access points with a Multi-Center and Multi-Organization system.

Designed for everyone

ST aims at the optimal performance regardless of your system’s size; control 1 to 1000 Doors managing thousands of Users.

Benefit from a service with specific solutions that simplify the smallest systems and make the most of the greatest ones.

Always simple

Make your job easier without being affected by the dimensions of your facilities: quickly work with your own staff or external workers and use filters for management tasks and data mining.

Assign labels to any element, organize Doors in Zones, classify access Requirements via catalogs, group users within companies and much more.

Control 1 to 1000 doors with the same speed

Enjoy minimum response times while controlling your access points despite the number of Doors.