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SmartTraffic in Port Facilities

Introducing ST | Port, a verticalization of ST especially designed for Ports

ST | Port is an access control system that guarantees a balance between the security and operability of Port Facilities, allowing for the management of complex systems while adapting to the PFSO's requirements or specific norms such as the ISPS code.


After almost 30 years of experience implementing technological and security solutions in this sector, Enyca has created a system that offers great flexibility when adjusting to a Port's actual necessities.

Completely adapted to the ISPS code

Define your system's public, controlled and restricted zones, creating all the access restrictions you require.

Switch a zone's ISPS level with just one click; the system will notify the operators and the operation mode will be changed accordingly.

Decide the control level of your access points at each moment: driver, vehicle or both.

Reduce the amount of control points in case the PFSO finds it necessary for a security increase.

Change a barrier's operation mode on the go, choosing form any of the 5 modes available.

Quickly modify the access permissions for each user upon request of the PFSO.

Capture pictures of the user's entry with facial and environment cameras.

Always keep track of the people and vehicles that are present in a given area.

Establish entry alerts for specific people and vehicles on a particular set of zones.

Restrain the control of your access points by workstation or operator.

Set mobile or temporary access points with no need for physical barriers.

Use the evacuation mode to facilitate the exit of all users in case of emergency.

Manage the Port
Community on its whole

Create all types of user profiles: suplly personnnel, port police, coast pilots, own staff, etc. setting specific characteristics and access permissions and customizing each one of them.

Enjoy an enrollment aplication
portal acress all devices

Users can access a web portal from their personal computer, smartphone or table to make an application for a certain enrollment, check its status and upload documentation.

Enable kiosks for the visitors' self-enrollment or use the fast enrollment process at the access points.

Easy installation
and maintenance

Set up doors in minimun time whith the help of integrated wizards. Moreover, thanks to a self-diagnosing system and an issue management solution, you will be able to significatly reduce maintenance times.

Manage you Port's access permissions fast and efficiently

Easily define the access requirements for each user type and group them in catalogs.

Allow the users to hand in documents via web and receive automatic notifications whenever the enrollment's status changes.


Supervise the user's documentation and establish up to 3 validation levels.

Grant permissions with total flexibility

Assign permissions to certain individuals or manage fleets of vehicles with or without drivers.

Speed up management tasks granting occasional permissions to a Dangerous Goods truck driver with no impact on his regular enrollment.

Determine which zones, doors and schedules are included in the permissions of a user group while defining VIP or Persona Non-grata roles.

Anywhere you want

Control and monitor your access points from any location with video and calls: remote control centers, control stands or moving work stations with tablets during the port police's patrols.

All kinds of traffic

Manage multiple vehicle types and trailers. ST integrates alerts for the arrival of Dangerous Goods at the access points with IMDG code identification and ISO code recognition of 1 or 2 containers per truck.

An open system

Integrate ST seamlessly with your Port Management System (PMS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Paperless Clearance (PC), Physical Security Information Mamnagement (PSIM), Vessel Call Request and Control (DUE)...


Use as many control stands as you need.

Manage the history of identifications according to the LOPD (Organic Data Protection Act).

Enjoy a biometric system that includes identification by fingerprint, card or both.

Employ QR code technology as a low-cost identification solution for visitors.

Capture profile pictures and customize cards for regular users.


Benefit from the advanced filers to simplify the management of big facilities.

Categorized any element with the help of labels.

Export all your records to CSV or PDF to facilitate data mining tasks.

Identify users with multiple RFID technologies: MiFARE, long range, Emmarin, iCode.


Control pedestrian and vehicle doors, including two-way access points.

Control the opening of cabinets and the use of machinery or other assets.

Assign cameras and intercoms to double-height doors for trucks and cars.

ST|Port, an access control system specifically created for Port Facilities