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Easy. Fast. Whenever you want. Start using ST with no interruptions in less time than you expect.

Easy to use

ST’s user interfaces have been designed for different operator types and include a touchscreen application for daily control and monitoring duties plus an easy-to-use enrollment software.

Manage complicated elements in a very intuitive way with a system that speaks your language while minimizing the learning curve.

Enroll users in seconds

Register Doors and Vehicles in your system and grant access permissions in no time with a work flow that facilitates the day-to-day user enrollment process.

ST makes it easier for you to assign cards, take photographs and capture fingerprints with the integrated wizards.

Help for everyone

Train your operators with the help of User guides and video-tutorials, always available at STuniversity.

Easy to install

Perform searches of Access Controllers from a website to see which devices are available and register Doors easily.

ST makes possible the organization of your system before the physical installation by defining Zones and creating virtual Doors that you may link to the actual Doors later on.

Set up doors in a few minutes

Install and set up Doors with a web wizard that is integrated within the Access Controllers, which is intended to accelerate and simplify the whole process.

In a very few steps, you can define the Barrier type, register card and car-plate readers and test the installation completely.

Quick configuration of readers

Search devices and make reader tests without leaving the Controller’s configuration wizard.

Easy to maintain

ST brings you a simple Access Controller replacement system and allows you to create restore points to reduce maintenance times.

Furthermore, the Access Controllers make diagnose and issue resolution tasks effortless through the status panel and verification tools for the peripheral devices.

Resolve maintenance issues

Manage the operating status of your system while keeping a complete record of the anomalies thanks to the Issue Management integrated module.

Supervise all maintenance issues by Operator, Door or security level, recording symptoms and diagnose descriptions for each issue.

Self-diagnose capabilities

The Access Controllers are able to detect abnormal situations and automatically notify the Operators.